Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ramones + Real Estate = South Austin Badassery!

I like to share with you guys when I find particularly interesting photos of houses while I am working on house hunting for clients. The MLS rarely produces gems like this one......

Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny and Tommy want you to buy this house and then punk out in it....

So, I was pleasantly surprised today when I came aross this listing in South Austin!  Here are some things I really love about this---

1. That the Realtor listing the property recognized this wall as a positive and features it prominently in the listing. There are a lot of Realtors out there that would insist on having this painted over before going on the market.
2.That the owner of this property loves the Ramones SO much that he/she wanted to LIVE with them!
3.That the painting is so well done!

Here's another photo from the same house/listing:

Uhmmmm---who doesn't love dancing bacon?
If you, or someone you know needs to buy a house with a big ass Ramones mural painted on it--you know who to call!!