Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why is Real Estate a Good Investment?

Something a lot of Real Estate folks won’t tell you is that real estate historically does not offer a better rate of return than the stock market. It also does not offer you the liquidity that the stock market offers. You can buy and sell stocks and bonds much more easily than you can buy and sell property. So, why do people choose real estate as an investment?

• It’s easy to understand. Property is tangible and appreciation is easily measurable. Flipping and running rental property are two very different types of real estate investing, but the math involved with each is pretty basic.

• Tax benefits. Owning property gives you lots of stuff to write off.

• Long term appreciation.

• It can be kind of fun depending on your personality and interests.

6 Reasons Real Estate is a good investment:


Real estate is less volatile than stocks. While real estate may be less liquid, and you may have to wait indefinitely before a buyer agrees to purchase your property for the price you seek, the prices are not as volatile as the stock markets. The transition towards a correction or boom takes place gradually, giving ample time for investors to read the transition and safeguard their positions.

Price correction

The economic slowdown had an impact on this sector. The rates have come down over the past few months. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to invest in real estate when a price correction is taking place rather than in a heated market? People with a large disposable income can explore investing in real estate for diversification of their assets. Lowering home loan interest rates and lower property prices makes it an opportunity hard to resist.

Good in recession

Some investments are considered safe in times of recession like precious metals and foreign currencies. In this list of investments that are popular during times of financial uncertainty, real estate can be included. Focus on achieving positive monthly cash flows rather than immediate appreciation. Cash flow refers to the amount of cash coming in relative to the amount going out.

Hedge against inflation

Real estate and gold are considered a hedge against forces of inflation. Inflation has led to the rupee value depreciating and property prices travelling upwards. Property investments are typically held over a long term.

Tax benefits

Home loan borrowers are eligible for tax deductions on their interest and principal repayments subject to a certain limit. Further, you can use the rental income from the property to make a portion of the EMI repayments.

Good returns in long term

Investments in property has always proved to be stable and yielded good returns over the long term. With lesser risk and probability of higher returns, this is a much favoured investment option.