Friday, May 28, 2010

Austin is voted super bad ass, again.

Kiplinger's magazine, the source for all things financial, loves to make best and worst lists. I really love these lists because I, much like many of us in this day and age find that I suffer from information overload and lists are a great way to present information in a concise way. The quality of life in Austin is something that is often mentioned in the media and those of us who live here understand why. There's lots to do here indoors and out, the people here are friendly and the local economy has weathered the recession very well.

Well, look out decade to come because Austin is on track to own your ass! Read more about Austin being voted the top city to be in the coming decade here!

Also in recent "Austin is rad" news, yesterday the Austin City Council voted to rename 2nd Street after Willie Nelson. Look, I know that there are bigger and more important issues before our city council, but the fact that we live in a city that will name a street after a pot smoking, tax evading musician is fine by me! Read more about the street name change here. I hope we get a Kris Kristofferson Avenue next!