Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News Flash : It's Cold in Austin

I am fighting my second cold of the winter season! What gives? I am generally a one cold per season kind of gal. This Austin weather could have something to do with it. It is really cold for Austin and I love how we kind of collectively go crazy as a city when it gets cold here. We drive weird or refuse to drive at all and we openly complain to anyone that will listen about how cold it is, even though in many other parts of the nation/world folks are resorting to full body sweater wearing as pictured here:

I include myself in the collectively crazy for sure---I mean, as we speak I have on a lot of socks---like multiple pairs of socks and my pantry is stocked in a way that suggests I am expecting company---all because the temperatures have dipped into the 20s. A few days ago we had a little snow. In the time that it took me to contract my second cold of the season, it had melted. This is the type of snow we are more familiar with:

Soon enough it will be so hot that we won't even be able to remember the wonder of Wintertastrophe 2011. So, drip your faucets and make some soup and wear that crazy scarf I knitted you that one year when I was knitting A LOT because I had just quit smoking---and try to enjoy the wonder that is winter in Austin.