Thursday, May 26, 2011

Places that I Love on the Internet!

This is a map of the Internet. Turn left at the 85,000th little green strand and I will be there!
I love real estate and I work really hard at it a lot of the time, but we all need a little break from whatever it is we do most of the time right? So, when you find yourself with a little break in your day and you want to do some fun and easy internetting---here are some of my favorite blogs to visit on the world wide web. You will notice that a majority of the stuff I like to "waste time" on is funny stuff. I can't ever get enough funny. Ever. My friend Erin often sends out lists of places she likes to go on the www and I am always turned on to something new. I would love to know about some of your favorite places as well!

The Bloggess  Oh man, oh man this lady is funny and manages to write about the mundane in a way that elevates the mundane to the highest heights of hilarity.

27b/6  If you look up "snarky" in the dictionary, there's probably a picture of David Thorne there. He's too mean for some folks, but not for me. Here you will find a collection of David's correspondence with colleagues, random folks that write to him via the blog, neighbors, landlords and educational administrators. He never misses an opportunity to mess with people and the results are pretty brilliant and funny.

Oh, Noa. So Noa Gavin states that she is funnier than your Grandma, which in and of itself is not a ringing endorsement (my Grandma is notoriously unfunny, but she does kind of look like Roy Orbison and that's funny, but not "on purpose" funny)---but Noa is really funny. She writes about politics and crazy stuff that happens to her and she does it all with humor and insight.

Hyperbole and a Half  Great and ridiculous drawings made in MS Paint accompany every story. One of the best blog entries ever (Why I Will Never Be An Adult) can be found here.

Cake Wrecks  Crazy cakes---really crazy cakes.

The Oatmeal    I think the maker of this blog is a programmer/super techy type in his day job. I love the layout of this blog and the size and style of the comics. Whenever I visit this blog it reminds me of reading the funny pages in the paper when I was a kid.

So, there's a few for you! I hope you find something here that makes you laugh and after you have taken a little break at any of these awesome stops on the web, you can go back to being super productive. Like me!

 Productive like me--right after I go check on what's going on at   Go there and keep refreshing you won't be sorry!